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Who is this Plan for?

Bicycle Tasmania’s Facilities Development Campaign Plan 2012–2020 <  >

Bicycle Tasmania’s Creating Healthy Connections campaign is aimed at the development of improved facilities for bicycle riding in Tasmania.

It is a must read for:
  • Bicycle Tasmania members
  • People who are considering becoming members of Bicycle Tasmania
  • People who ride bicycles in Tasmania
  • People who would like to ride bicycles in Tasmania
  • Bicycle riding advocates in Tasmania
  • Politicians in Tasmania
  • Policy makers in Tasmania
  • Transport engineers in Tasmania
  • People with interest in population health improvement
  • People with interest in chronic disease prevention
The Creating Healthy Connections campaign plan aims to help Tasmanians see the potential of a well connected network of bicycle facilities and keep government accountable for the development of a bicycle network to benefit all Tasmanians. This plan identifies the important first links in Tasmania’s principle urban bicycle networks and will help turn ideas for improved facilities into reality. It has the following objectives:
  • Publicise Bicycle Tasmania’s facilities development campaign
  • Provide justification for action on providing bicycle facilities in Tasmania
  • Provide a brief summary of the state of bicycle riding in Tasmania
  • Describe the different bicycle rider types and facilities that they can use
  • Provide stakeholders with a clear direction for bicycle facilities development
  • Organise the bicycle riding community around priority facilities
  • Show leadership to Government and Politicians
Complementing this document are 51 Proposed Bicycle Facility Fact Sheets featuring the recommended projects within this report. Through this plan, Bicycle Tasmania members, community organisations and decision makers are invited to begin discussions, debate and prioritisation to urge all tiers of Government to start planning and construction of a connected bicycle riding network.

In conclusion we offer members of the public, politicians and community leaders advice on what they can do to support this campaign.

Prepared by Liam Correy,
Facilities Development Manager,
Bicycle Tasmania
Ph: 0419519886
GPO Box 1814 Hobart TAS 7001