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Bicycle Tasmania’s Facilities Development Campaign Plan 2012–2020 

Thanks to the following people for their time and support...

Mary McParland – Cycling South/ Tracks and Trails Clarence City Council
Stuart Baird – Sustainable Transport Officer, Hobart City Council
Jeff Dunn – Bicycle Tasmania
Keith Price – Safer Roads for Cyclists
Keith Boyle – North West Recreational Cycling Group
Pru Lake – North West Recreational Cycling Group
Malcom Cowan – Tamar Bicycle Users Group
Anna Povey – Tamar Bicycle Users Group
Jon Addison – Tamar Bicycle Users Group
Janine Pearson – Project Manager, Tasmanian Walking and Cycling for Active Transport Strategy 
Luke Chiu – Manager Planning Facilities and Environments, Sport and Recreation Tasmania
Randall Stott – Infrastructure and Urban Design Co-ordinator
Harry Barber – CEO Bicycle Victoria
Scott Whiffin – Ride to School Bicycle Victoria
Carl Cazaly – Premiers Physical Activity Council
Graeme Lynch – Heart Foundation
Ben Mather – Cycling Tasmania
Revel Munro – Derby Resident
Felicity Montgomery – Welborough Hotel
Nigel Coates – Launceston City Council Infrastructure Services
Jeremy Ball – Launceston Bicycle Committee
Flora Fox – Chair of Cycling South and Kingborough Bicycle Committee
Babette Moate – Advisor to Minister for Sustainable Transport Nick McKim
Ahmet Bektas – Our Common Ground
Michelle Towele – Health Promotion Coordinator North West DHHS
Christian Fairley – Ex Executive Officer Cycling Tasmania
Hannah Alby – Political Campaigner
Ben Wilson – Manager Bicycle Queensland
Benjamin Celuliak – Infrastructure Australia
Suzie Donkers – Beauty Point – Beaconsfield Bike Track 

and to the following organisations...

The Heart Foundation – Tasmanian Branch
Hobart City Council
Cycling South
Launceston City Council
Kingborough Bicycle User Group
Tamar Bicycle User Group
Cycling Tasmania
Bicycle Tasmania
Sport and Recreation Tasmania
North West Recreational Cycling Group
Launceston Mountain Bike Club
Forestry Tasmania
The State Architect Office

Photographic credits

Liam Correy
Jack Robert-Tissot
Daniel Baldwin

Printed Report Design

          Finn Lake - The Cover Page Star
Kelly Eijdenberg, Poco People 

Photo Participation Acknowledgements:
           (Page numbers refer to printed report)

1. Robert and Josh
2. Anna and friend
4 & 5. Jeff 
9. John
10. Persia, Judith, Brendan, Nick
11. Century Riders 2011
12. Ben and Omar
13. Century Riders and Sandy Bay Rd Riders including Michelle, Brendan
15. Stephen and Brian
17. Art Bike Allstars, Dave Noonan
18. Frank and Lulu
22. Kelly
24. Leanne, Michelle, Alex, Michelle and Oliver
25. William, Louisa
26. Anonymous Youngster
28. Will Hodgman, Nick McKim and David Bartlett
29. Cycling South
30. Alex and Meg
32. Judith and Carolyne
34. Bicycle Network Victoria
35. Talbot, Daniel Baldwin
36. Keith
41. Katie
42. Julian
44-45. Mary
46. Katie and Nick
49. Galen
51. Michelle
64. Alice, Daniel