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Appendix A: Bicycle Tasmania Facility Check List

Bicycle Tasmania’s Facilities Development Campaign Plan 2012–2020

If you know of a bicycle facility connection that you think is of importance we value your feedback. This campaign
plan is a small start to the connected bicycle network Tasmania needs for bicycle riding to deliver the benefits it is
capable of providing. Please send us a submission utilising the following format: 
    1. Name of proposed facility:
    2. Local Government Area:
    3. Legislative Council Division:
    4. State/Federal Government Electorate:
    5. Distance:
    6. Proposed Facility can be characterised by:
    7. Which rider types can use this facility?
    8. How will the facility create comfort and convenience for riders?
    9. What will the route be used for?
    10. What are the major trip generators and attractors?
    11. How direct is the route and what other facilities will it connect to?
    12. Will the facility create comfort and convenience for riders?
    13. Estimated Investigation/Scoping Cost:
    14. What plans/documents does the route fit under?
    15. What level of progress has been made on the route?
Consult our Factsheets to see examples, or enter a brief description in this online form.