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Appendix E: Bicycle Facility Fact Sheets

Bicycle Tasmania’s Facilities Development Campaign Plan 2012–2020

Bicycle Tasmania strongly supports the development of the Bicycle Facilities listed below.  

As you check the Fact Sheets please send us your personal ratings...

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Fact SheetProgress UpdatesTypeRegionDistance (km)
Fact SheetProgress UpdatesTypeRegionDistance (km)
1.01 Battery Point Priority Cycle Route Notes Local South 1.2 
1.02 Commercial Road Notes Local South 0.5 
1.03 Riding to School Routes Notes Local East Coast  
1.04 Riding to School Routes Notes Local North West  
1.05 Riding to School Routes Notes Local Northern Tasmania  
1.06 Riding to School Routes Notes Local Southern Tasmania  
1.07 Riding to School Routes Notes Local West Coast Tasmania  
2.01 Battery Point Foreshore Notes Off road South 0.9 
2.02 Bridgewater to Pontville Notes Off road South 6.9 
2.03 Cornelian bay to Lutana Notes Off road South 1.0 
2.04 Devonport Cycle Network Notes Off road North Coast 20 
2.05 Hobart Rivulet Linear Park Notes Off road South 2.7 
2.06 Springfield Road Overpass Notes Off road South 
2.07 Intercity Cycle-way to Prince of Wales Bay Cycle-way Connection Notes Off road South 1.5 
2.08 Intercity Cycleway to Salamanca Connection, elizabeth St to Princess Wharf Shed No.1 Notes Off road South 0.25 
2.09 Intercity Cycle-way to Tasman Hwy Underpass Notes Off road South 0.13 
2.10 Inveresk to Rocherlea Cycle-way Notes Off road Northern Tasmania 
2.11 Margate to Kingston Cycle-way Connection Notes Off road South 6.5 
2.12 North West Coastal Pathway extensions and Connections Notes Off road Northern Tasmania 30 
2.13 East Coast Recreational Trail Improvements Notes Off road East Coast 20 
2.14 Northgate to Tolosa Park Notes Off road South 3.5 
2.15 Rose Bay High Cycle-way Connection to Rosny CBD Notes Off road South 0.9 
2.16 Rosny to Mornington Cycle-way Connection Notes Off road South 2.5 
2.17 Sandy Bay Rd Cycleway Connection Notes Off road South 2.4 
2.18 Tasman Bridge to Rose Bay High Cycle-way Connection Notes Local South 0.5 
2.19 West Coast Recreational Trail Improvements Notes Off road West Coast 
3.01 Argyle St Bike Lanes Completion (Davey St to Brisbane St) Notes On road South 0.7 
3.02 Argyle St Bike Lanes Completion (Lewis St to New Town Road) Notes On road South 0.5 
3.03 Argyle St to Campbell St via Burnett St Completion Notes On road South 0.3 
3.04 Augusta Rd, New Town to lenah Valley Connection Notes On road South 
3.05 Campbell St Bike Lanes Completion (Brisbane St to Davey St) Notes On road South 0.7 
3.06 Clarence St, Bellerive to Howrah On-road Bike Lane Connection Notes On road South 3.1 
3.07 Collins St Bike Lane Connection (Molle St to Harrington St) Notes On road South 3.1 
3.08 Davey St Connection (Argyle St to Southern Outlet) Notes On road South 1.6 
3.09 Devonport Bike Lane Connections Notes On road North Coast 
3.10 elizabeth St Connection, CBD to North Hobart (Brisbane St to Burnett St) Notes On road South 0.8 
3.11 elizabeth St to Main Rd Connection (New Town Rd) Notes On road South 0.6 
3.12 Federal St Bike Lane Connection (Argyle St to elizabeth St) Notes On road South 0.2 
3.13 Harrington St Connection (Davey St to Warwick St) Notes On road South 1.1 
3.14 Hobart CBD Bicycle Facilities (Liverpool St and Murray St) Notes On road South 0.9 
3.15 Intercity Cycle-way on-road Connections Glenorchy Notes On road South 
3.16 Kingborough Bike Lane Improvements and extensions Notes On road South 2.1 
3.17 Launceston Intersection Treatments Notes On road Northern Tasmania  
3.18 Macquarie St/Cascade Rd Connection West from Southern Outlet Junction to Cascade Brewery Notes On road South 2.2 
3.19 Murray St Connection, Warwick St to Liverpool St, North Hobart and West Hobart to Hobart CBD Notes On road South 0.8 
3.20 New Town Rd Connection, Risdon Rd to Augusta Rd Notes On road South 1.6 
3.21 Sandy Bay Rd (Marieville esp to Long Point Rd) Notes On road South 2.8 
3.22 Macquarie St Bike Lanes, Southern Outlet to Argyle St Downhill Bike Lanes Notes On road South 1.3 
4.01 Hobart to the south West Wilderness: Derwent Valley experience Trail Notes Regional South 60 
4.02 launceston to the Blue Tier Connection: North east Rail Trail Notes Regional Northern Tasmania 85 
4.03 North West Coastal Pathway Rail Trail Sections Notes Regional North West 50 
4.04 East Coast Convict Road Upgrade Notes Regional East Coast 15 
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