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Bicycle Tasmania’s Facilities Development Campaign Plan 2012–2020 <  >

Bicycle riding is already benefiting Tasmania.

Bicycle Tasmania’s Creating Healthy Connections plan is the key to unlocking Tasmania’s bicycle riding potential. Bicycle Tasmania will continue the momentum of past leaders in the bicycle riding community to help turn ideas for facilities into reality.
The challenge is that Tasmanians have few bicycle facilities 

to support their riding. The solution is to provide bicycle facilities that get the most people riding. There are many types of bicycle facilities which will benefit riders and it is only after the investment in planning has been made that we can seek funding from Federal sources.

Bicycle Tasmania is a fast growing organisation which will lead the public push for better bicycle facilities in Tasmania with help from the strength it gains from partnering with the national Bicycle Network. Bicycle Riding is part of our history and becoming a big part of our future.

The Tasmanian Government must develop a strategy, allocate resources to pilot projects, create an action plan while building capacity and partnerships as a start to the process of creating a connected bicycle network. We will then be ready to fund detailed project planning, design work and construction of a bicycle network that connects people and
the places they want to go to.

It is up to the bicycle riding community and decision makers to get behind this campaign and provide the support needed to make bicycle riding an accessible transport and recreation option for all Tasmanians.