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How Can Government Support These Connections?

Bicycle Tasmania’s Facilities Development Campaign Plan 2012–2020 <  >

Develop a High Level Strategy
The Tasmanian State Government must take a lead role in providing the facilities to help more people ride bicycles more often and build on the State Walking and Cycling for Active Transport Strategy.

Create a Detailed Bicycle Network Strategy and Plan
The Tasmanian State Government must build capacity internally and take responsibility for the 
development of a bicycle network to meet the aims of their Walking and Cycling for Active Transport Strategy.

Allocate Funding
The Tasmanian State Government to make an annual and ongoing funding commitment to provide a connected network of bicycle routes in metropolitan areas and the development of regional routes for tourism and recreation.

Develop and Construct Facilities
The Tasmanian State Government to commit to funding the planning and construction of the proposed facilities between 2012 and 2020 in each of the following crucial bicycle networks,
    • On-road bicycle facility connections
    • Off-road bicycle facility connections
    • Quiet streets and route connections
    • Regional recreation and tourism facilities
    • Mountain Bike Facilities