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         Bicycle Tasmania’s Facilities Development Campaign Plan 2012–2020           <   
Bicycle Tasmania recommends the Tasmanian State Government allocate resources and funding to the following actions between the years 2012 – 2020:

1.  Reinstate the Trails and Bikeways Fund to assist local government to continue to develop local bicycle facilities (Year 1-8)

2.  Strategy (Year 1)

The Tasmanian Government resource a detailed Tasmanian State Bicycle Network Strategy to compliment and build on the Cycling and Walking for Active Transport Strategy released in 2010.

3. Allocate resources to plan and complete priority projects (Year 1-3)

North Western Tasmania
  • Riding to School Routes Pilot Project
Northern Tasmania
  • Inveresk to Rocherlea Cycle-way
Southern Tasmania
  • Argyle and Campbell St Bike Lane Connections
  • Eastlands to Mornington Cycle-way
  • Derwent Park to Prince of Wales Bay Cycle-way
  • Lutana to Cornelian Bay Cycle-way
  • Sandy Bay Rd Cycle-way
  • Battery Point Foreshore Cycle-way
  • Howrah to Bellerive Bike Lanes Connection
East Coast Tasmania
  • Riding to School Routes Pilot Project
  • West Coast Tasmania
  • Riding to School Routes Pilot Project
4. Action Plan (Year 2-8)

Through the experiences obtained in commencing the initial projects, commit to an Action Plan from 2012-2020

5. Build capacity within government (Year 1 - 8)

DIER, Sport and Recreation, Education and Tourism need to develop the ability to obtain and apply the knowledge and operational changes required to start creating a bicycle network for all Tasmanians.

6. Build partnerships (1-8)

Identification of projects and real progress towards the development of partnerships for each project between every level of government and other service and industry groups where applicable.

7. Fund Detailed Project Planning (Year 2 – 8)

Immediately fund planning of priority identified in the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER), Principle Urban Cycling Network (PUCN) study undertaken in 2011.

Allocate funding for planning and investigations into priority future facilities including:
  • On-road bicycle facility connections
  • Off-road bicycle facility connections
  • Quiet streets and routes for riding
  • Regional recreation and tourism facilities
8. Fund detailed design work (Year 3 to 8)

Fund the detailed design work to bid for federal funds and construct.

9. Fund Construction (Year 3 to 8)

Allocate funding for an annual bicycle facility works program for off-road facilities and incorporate bicycle facilities into any road improvements, line marking and bicycle facility provision into road budgets.

10. Support Established Programs (Year 1-8)

Establish pilot ride to school program coordinator in Tasmania and support activities
Establish pilot ride to work program co-ordinator in Tasmaniaand support activities