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The Challenge

Bicycle Tasmania’s Facilities Development Campaign Plan 2012–2020 <  >

Bicycle riders need a network
Tasmanian’s need well connected bicycle networks.
Only a handful of Tasmanian’s have access to an attractive bicycle route from their home to major destinations. A well connected bicycle network that facilitates bicycle riding to work, the shops and visit friends does not exist anywhere in Tasmania.

Bicycle riding needs recognition
Government has been slow to recognise the benefits of greater cycling participation. They need to acknowledge the connection between improved facilities and participation, and respond accordingly with a greater effort to provide the facilities that are needed.

Bicycle riding needs partnerships and people
Community organisations, governments, business and individuals will need to work together in order for the needs of current, potential and future bicycle riders to be addressed.

Investment in bicycle facilities needs bi-partisan political support
Measures to improve bicycle riding facilities are strongly supported by the community with a recent Southern Tasmanian Councils survey finding that well over 70% of southern Tasmanian residents would like to see provision of bicycle facilities. There is a need for politicians to show real leadership. Too often, the people supporting improved facilities for bicycle riding are labelled a minority group, this is not the case.

Bicycle riding facilities need a plan and funding
A real challenge in the Australian context is the lack of dedicated funding to support the development of cycling facilities. Federal funding is targeted at huge highway networks with very little opportunity within funding guidelines to support infrastructure for bicycle riding. For too long, bicycle facilities have been seen as only a local government responsibility. Whilst occasional projects have been funded in Tasmania and an officer has now been appointed to develop Tasmania’s Walking and Cycling for Active Transport Strategy, there is still no significant funding attached to developing facilities to create high quality set of bicycle networks in Tasmania.