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What you can do, and What politicians and community leaders can do!

Bicycle Tasmania’s Facilities Development Campaign Plan 2012–2020 <

What Can You Do?

Join Bicycle Tasmania
For a little over $100 you can join Bicycle Tasmania and support our Facilities Development Manager who will be working hard to see the proposed facilities become a reality. You also get personal accident insurance, third party insurance, a great magazine for people who love
riding, a regular newsletter keeping you ‘In the Loop’ about Bicycle Tasmania’s progress and regular riding opportunities.

Phone: 0419519886

Find the bicycle facility connection that will benefit you
Find the bicycle facility closest to you that we are supporting. Will it be useful to you? Why not contact us and see what we have planned to make it a reality and volunteer an hour or two of your time. Talk about your connection with others, even people who don’t ride now. Drum up support for your connection.

Write to a politician about your connection
Write to your local member of parliament, or even the whole lot. Talk to your Tasmanian representative in Federal Parliament, arrange to meet an alderman or councillor from your local government electorate.

Write to the newspaper about your support for bicycle facilities.

Propose a new connection
While we have tried our hardest to identify the most important and achievable bicycle facility connections in Tasmania we may have missed some. Please let us know and we can add yours to the list. Make sure you put it past our facilities checklist!

Make sure your connection is the best it can be
Too often decision makers are not held accountable to their commitments. The better the quality and standard of a bicycle facility the more people will benefit from it. This means no cutting of corners or forgetting to finish a project. Keep an eye on developments and contact Bicycle Tasmania if you think things aren’t going how they should!
What politicians and community leaders can do!

  • Agree on the importance of providing bicycle facilities to the community.
  • Commit to the provision of bicycle riding facilities in your electorate.
  • Vote in favour of decisions to implement parts of the bicycle network.
  • Seek funding opportunities for a connected bicycle network
  • Use this document as a guide to the best high value  facilities to support.
  • Work with us to create a better Tasmania.