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Tasmanian Cycling Calendar

This is a proposal for developing a combined cycling events calendar for Tasmania.

At our 15-03-2012 meeting it was agreed to pass this project on to Tasmanian Bicycle Council to assist in promoting cooperation between bike groups.

Do we need it?

For some time we have encouraged other cycling groups across Tasmania to share our calendar as a service to all cyclists ... but there has been slow take up of the offer.

Recently there has been some interesting discussions on the Bicycle Network Forum about the need for a combined cycling events Calendar for Tasmania,


 ... and there appears to be genuine interest in making it happen and some offers of help.

What are the benefits?

  • Exposure of events to larger audience
  • Reduce the risk of event clashes between groups
  • Opportunity to collaborate between groups

What would it look like?

I have developed a rough prototype to demonstrate how it might work,

The key features are,
  • Each group will have its own calendar
  • Calendars can be viewed individually or combined
  • The calendars will be embedded in a webpage in which the group can add their own information
How will it work?

The calendars and associated webpages can be hosted as a separate website on the Bicycle Tasmania Google account. Apart from a small plug for BT at the foot of each page it would look like a separate website.

The work of maintaining the calendars needs to be distributed or it wont be sustainable, so I think,

  • For those groups willing and able to set up and maintain their own Google Calendar all that needs to be done is for them to 'share' the calendar and Bicycle Tasmania can embed it in a webpage and set it up as shown in the prototype.
  • For those groups who don't know how to set up a Calendar account but are willing to maintain one, I can set it up for them 
  • For those groups who don't want be bothered with Calendars they can send an email to me with their events and I can set it and maintain it for them
  • For individuals - I haven't worked out a mechanism yet. (suggestions?)

Will it cost anything?

Just my time, and that's a donation.

Key Decisions!

Given the broad appeal of this project and our past committee discussions it would be good to proceed without much delay and before the next committee meeting. So,

  1. Do you agree with the approach proposed?
  2. Do you think that a fee should be charged for some services?