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National Dangerous Driving Hotline

One of our members, Andy, entered a suggestion with regard to promoting the National Dangerous Driving Hotline (131 444) to the cycling community .

In a following email he wrote,

"I first saw an article about it a few months ago in the Mercury but of course can't find it on their website. At the start of this year I had a close call in town, reported it to the police and the woman got a dangerous driving conviction on her licence as a result. It was shortly after this incident that I read about the hotline and have stored it in my mobile under Dangerous Driving ever since. I am surprised it isn't more widely known in the cycling community, apparently every state in the nation is using it (except Victoria where you have to report to your local police station). 

We have a few entries regarding near misses (dangerous driving?) in our incident register,(
summary-of-reported- incidents ), and from my conversations with cyclists it is the tip of the iceburg ... so Andys experience is not isolated.

On this issue we have common cause with other road users, for example the RACT promotes the hotline here,

I think that dangerous driving should have consequences for the driver. If we promote it, it needs to be done in a constructive way with regular feedback from the police.

I have put it on the agenda for discussion at our next meeting..........

Discussed at a committee meeting on 20-Oct & agreed on following steps,

1.       Immediately put the hotline number on the website incident reporting page

2.       As soon as possible email members about it

3.       Contact other bike groups, let them know what we are doing and see if they want to coordinate an awareness campaign.

4.       Talk to police to understand their processes so we can inform members of what to expect. (I would also like to get feedback from them if there is a plague of new complaints.)

5.       Talk to RACT to see if there is a way for us  to campaign together on this.