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Bicycling Tasmania (BT) is a state wide body with over 500 members and represents the recreational and commuting cyclists in Tasmania.  A profile of the membership of BT shows that members are of an older age, commuters and in the higher socio economic bracket. 

Although there are in excess of 500 members many are not active within BT and join for the insurance offer they can obtain through membership.

The data gathered on each member is name, date of birth, address, mail and phone contacts and type of membership.

The type of membership and annual renewal fee is

Concession – 90

                                         Individual – 105

                                         Family 2    - 135

                                         Family 3+ - 150


Internally BT has two focuses of interest amongst its membership.  It is seen as a political organisation seeking change and BT as a community group. 


In terms of membership BT are unique because :

·         There is a large membership base

·         Members have local/personal knowledge of cycle tracks, cycle shops and a network of members

·         Insurance is offered as part of the membership

·         BT can employ a part timer (see Governance and Operations, below)


Programs and services offered

BT provides a number of services and activities for its members

·         Events are organised for its members in the form of cycle outings

·         BT advocates for improvements in infrastructure and safety,

·         BT promotes cycling including R2W and R2S,

·         BT arranges accident and loss insurance 

·         There is an attractive bulletin/magazine/website

·         Services are provided  such as bike parking at events and bicycle training

·         Discounts have been negotiated in cycle and other retailers

·         BT participates in national forums and represent the state


BT are unique with their programs and services because:

          BT actively promote cycling and provide leadership

          BT are the spokespeople for non competitive cycling in Tasmania

          BT offer insurance to members

          BT provide services at non cycling events, e.g. bicycle parking

          BT organise rides and attendance gives discount on membership


Governance and operations

 The organisation has a committee including president, vice president, secretary and treasurer and up to 6 other volunteers, elected by members at the AGM .   In addition other roles filled by committee members are coordinating events, producer of the magazine, maintenance of website, etc. 

A part time employee reports jointly to the president and Bicycle Victoria  The role is primarily responsible for promoting bicycling and advocating for facility development with various government departments including networking with other  cycling organisations.   

The committee meet on a monthly basis and have responsibility for activities and services, advocacy, financial management, legal obligations, etc.  Formal minutes of each meeting are kept.

Recruitment to undertake voluntary tasks or be a board member is a challenge.


We are unique with our governance and operations because:

          BT have a part time employee unlike other Tasmanian based cycle organisations

          Through promotion and advocacy BT  have a greater public profile than other cycle organisations





Twice in recent history BT would have gone out of existence except for the perseverance of a small group of members.  Some hard decisions had to be taken including a decision for Bike VIC (BV) (now changed names to The Bicycle Network) to provide services to our members.   This resulted in membership fees being paid to BV in exchange for their management of the members’ database, provision of a part time employee (2 days per week), insurance for members and articles for the magazine.

The contract with BV is for 3 years expiring in 2013 and was prepared on the basis of achieving mutual support of the aims and objectives of BT.  

On a lesser scale BT partner with Tasmanian Bicycle Council in running the ‘Why ride’ event




We value our partnerships because

          It removes much of the administrative work for BT (database management, collection of membership fees, articles for the magazine)

          It provides us with a 2 day per week employee

          A source of advice and best practice information




There are a number of bicycle organisations and associations (both formal and informal) within Tasmania as well as local and state government’s interests that are all based around cycling.  Relations with some of the formal organisations are cooperative and others are wary of the motives of BT.  Relationships with local and state bodies are productive.  There is little contact with informal groups who tend to be small groups of likeminded individuals cycling for fun and/or fitness.

 Tasmanian Bicycling Council is an umbrella body for all cycling organisations.  BT has 2 representatives on the Council including the chairperson.  TBC is limited in its ability to coordinate cycling in Tasmania due to competing interests of the various cycling organisations


The main organisations are:

          Bicycle Victoria – cyclists in north of TAS tend to be members

          Tasmanian Bicycle Council – coordinate cycling groups in TAS

          Cycling Tasmania – caters for the sports/performance cyclists

          Tamar BUG - aligning with Cycling Tasmania

          Local and state government


We value our relationships because

          It provides an opportunity for BT to advocate for its aims amongst other organisations and the governments