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SWOT Analysis

Strengths of BT

·         Size of membership 

·         Bulletin is a good promotion  tool

·         Publicity – BT opinion is valued

·         Personal commitment of committee  

           Removal of onerous administrative workload

·         Representation on TBC, state and national committees

·         Part time employee to promote and advocate for BT







Weaknesses of BT

·         Limited number of active members

·         Difficulty getting members involved in organising . Workload falls on too few

·         Members database not easily accessible or capturing all information on members

·         The contract with BV allows them to canvass for members in TAS but does not provide reciprocal rights for BT in VIC


Opportunities for BT

·         BT does not attract  members outside of its profile e.g. younger members and families

·         Only a small percentage of the membership take part in organised activities

·         Offer information exchange

·                  Incorporate Facilities Development Plan prepared by Liam Corry into BT strategy

·         Support and promote like minded organisations



Threats to BT

·         Potential for another cycle organisation to offer insurance

·         Close bonds with other organisations mean they gain knowledge of our operations