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Values are the fundamental principles and beliefs that form the foundation of our organisation. These principles guide the organisation’s behaviours, services, and programs. They remain stable over time. They define what we stand for. They don’t need to be created; they already exist.

  • We respect diversity of opinion and perspective and nurture communication in its numerous forms and formats
  • We are committed to integrity, honesty, and trust everyone to do what is best for the member, each other, and Bicycle Tasmania
  • Our members are the core of our organisation and we seek to provide opportunities for members and volunteers to be involved, and value every contribution made to our community
  • We recognise the importance of networking and relationships in expanding bicycling in Tasmania
  •  We provide a neutral, unbiased forum that promotes the exchange of information about bicycling.
We strive to be innovative, receptive and visionary and work for long-term holistic solutions