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Content Contributors & Checkers

As the amount of information increases it will not be possible for one person to keep an eye on everything.
  There are two type of jobs,
  • Behind the scenes, looking after the technical bits, and
  • Checking and developing the content ... the bit that everyone sees
This is about the second, non-technical bit...
What's Involved?

Maintain & improve the website by,
  • Developing and authoring content
  • Checking links
  • Checking accuracy
  • Linking to other sites
What do I need?
  • a Google account (it's free)
  • a Computer connected to the internet (usually not free)
How can I make changes?
  • editing the site, or
  • by email to website coordinator.
What if I make a mistake?
  • It's okay, it can easily be reversed.
How do I learn more about websites?
  • Just ask. Free learning is one of the benefits of volunteering.
          What can I do?
  • Pick one of the areas with a ? and let me know,  then,
  • Presto! you're part of our team and  in charge of content for that area, then, 
  • we'll work closely with you to get you set up and familiar with your area, then,
  •  we'll stand back and watch the magic happen!


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