Member Benefits

  • legal advice on cycling related matters by professionals
  • monthly social rides for members, $5 for non-member adults
  • Social and Non-competitive rides
  • Ride On magazine - 6 editions per year of this excellent full-colour magazine.
  • Personal accident insurance and 3rd party property insurance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Insurance is provided by BT Risk & Insurance via Bicycle Victoria, who have experienced staff to assist you with enquiries and claim management. See the Bicycle Victoria insurance page or email for details. Also check this page for frequently asked questions.
Make a Difference !

Develop skills in working with teams whilst furthering the cause of cycling by,
  • Helping as a volunteer at our cycling events
  • Supporting our advocacy by helping with submissions and addressing committees and meetings
  • Supporting our Publicity by helping us with press releases and articles
  • Contributing specialist skills and knowledge  for example in web management, accounting, bike maintenance, traffic management, council planning etc.