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Bicycle Maintenance sessions at Schools

Recently we conducted a bike maintenance session at Landsdowne Crescent Primary School. Parents and children were very appreciative and it appears this could be well received at other schools.

The Bike maintenance sessions appear to be a good way to get kids into safe riding habits in an informal environment whilst providing them with some practical skills in maintenance. It takes volunteer time and is a long term investment..

... but there may be, in our membership, a number of people with the time and interest to take this on and coordinate it?

Member's Directory

We have the ability to extend the use our website so that members can,
  • Share information about their interests
  • Form smaller groups for rides or advocacy
  • Set up their own website for sharing information
We hope this can add value to your membership by putting you in contact with others with similar interests.

Big River Trail

We have recently been approached by a coalition of business and community interests to support\sponsor\co-ordinate\champion or lead the development of a cycleway now called 'Big River Trail'. It's a proposal to convert  an existing railway from new Norfolk to Mount Field ... roughly. It is similar to the Proposal in our 'Healthy Connections' report here

This would be a great boost to recreational cycling in Tasmania and for businesses and communities along the way ..

... but the committee's resources are stretched to the limit. So we are looking for interested members to form a team and work with the business and community interests and our committee to develop the plan. 

Developing and executing our Strategic Plan

Don't panic we haven't gone corporate! 

There are so many things that Bicycle Tasmania could do to improve conditions for cyclists that we have to carefully choose which things we will actually do ... that's strategic!

Some people love it, others go numb ... but if we are to achieve our objectives for Tasmanian cyclists we will need a plan that guides us through the daily chaos. It takes time, committees and commitment.