Access to Committee Website & Forum

Signing in ...   

Go to the committee website by either, 

If you have not signed in before you will see this page,

 (Click on the image to see a larger version.)

Step 1

If you have a email address type your details in the two top boxes.

If you don't have a email address click the link 'Sign in with a different account',

Step 2

 Type in you email address in the box 'Enter your email address:', click 'Go'

      Step 3.

      Your email address will be shown in the 'Email' box.

      Type in the password you use for your email account.

If you click the box 'Stay signed in'  you will not need     to sign in with your password again.

 (Unless your browser is set to 'Private' browsing in which case you will need to sign in every time you start the browser.)

          Step 4.                     

 If you have not registered with the discussion Forum you may see 'You must be a member of this group...'.

 Email me at using the email address you have signed in with and I will organise access.


      Step 5.
      Otherwise you may see this screen.

Enter your display name (most people use their first name)

      Click on 'Save my changes'.

    Step 6.

You're in!

Welcome to Bicycle Tasmania Website and Forum.

                 Step 7. (optional)

  Click on 'My Membership' button.

  You can choose how to read the group by selecting one of the options.