When you join Bicycle Tasmania...

You will be supporting:-
  • Bicycle advocacy - improving conditions for all cyclists at a council and state level representation on BUGs and Bicycling committees in southern Tasmania and now extending throughout the state, and a key member of the Tasmanian Bicycle Council
  • engagement with the Australian Bicycle Council and other relevant national bodies
  • locally deploying the experience and effectiveness of the Bicycle Network  to Tasmanian issues
  • directly lobbying politicians and promoting causes to the public
Worthwhile activities like:-
  • Bike Train
  • Bike Week
  • the Five Alive! Program for kids
  • Hobart City Cycleway Promotion days
  • Sandy Bay Road Cycleway project campaigning
  • Big River Project

In the past, Bicycle Tasmania has played an important part in:-

  • lobbying and making submissions for improved conditions (e.g. Channel Highway upgrade, Margate upgrade, many major infrastructure proposals and reviews)
  • raising cycling awareness through the Christmas Pageant
  • eliminating the Bass Strait ferry cycle fee (cars were free!)
  • hosting non-competitive rides, and maintaining a presence in the media and a voice for cycling for 20 years

Articles & Media reports

Bicycle Tasmania have funded  
the  publication 
of this plan ...
   ... aimed at the improvement of bike riding facilities in Tasmania ...