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Bicycle Tasmania submission on the proposed changes to the Rosny Bus Mall

posted Apr 10, 2012, 5:31 PM by Austin Greenwood   [ updated Jun 18, 2012, 12:40 PM ]

Bicycle Tasmania submission on the proposed changes to the Rosny Bus Mall

Opening of the Rosny Bus Mall to traffic would appear to be working against developing Kangaroo Bay as a significant visitor and leisure destination within Southern Tasmania. The Rosny shopping area needs to be linked to Kangaroo Bay by pedestrian, cycle and leafy corridors, not cars.


If the Clarence City Council is serious about creating a unique environment for tourism, recreational, cultural and commercial activities, there needs to be inviting, obvious connections between shopping and eating opportunities in Rosny and the leisure and aesthetic opportunities of the Kangaroo Bay foreshore.


The design should be informed by the recommendations in the Gehl report for the western shore of Hobart. Conceiving of the Kangaroo Bay Road development area C (Kangaroo Bay Urban Design Strategy and Concept Plan, 18 May 2011) as separate to Bligh Street and the Rosny shopping area is to miss the bigger picture.

Halcrow MWT modelling indicates that opening the bus mall would create no significant impact on the road network if the bus mall was open to traffic. However, this only models car movements and it is difficult to understand how mixing buses, cars, bikes and pedestrians creates greater safety for pedestrians. Given the lack of data around increased pedestrian safety, it is difficult to take this claim seriously.

Both the waterfront and the Rosny area need to be more pedestrian and cycle friendly, and are heading in the right direction with Clarence Foreshore Trail taking shape.  Turning the Bligh St bike route into a busy run for cars appears to be a retrograde step towards the Council’s objectives and contrary to DIER’s Active Transport Policies.

Emma Pharo

Facilities Development, Bicycle Tasmania