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   On Bicycle Infrastructure, 

       Hobart has one of the lowest per capita spending rates in Australia1....

...but the Council has good Aspirations2….

"The Sustainable Transport Strategy 2009-2014 (STS-09) is underpinned by the Council’s commitment to realising the Hobart 2025 vision for a less car dependent, reduced emission, more equitable and cheaper transport system for Hobart’s residents and visitors."

"The STS-09 suggests a 21st century public transport system for Hobart based on extensive bus ways, a connected high quality bicycle network…" etc..

...and over 80% of the community are supportive3


"The level of support for the [Sandy Bay Road] project across all City of Hobart respondents is 86%. For Sandy Bay residents, the level of support is 80%. The level of support shown by people from other Hobart suburbs and people from other municipalities is generally much higher.

In much of the commentary made by respondents regarding the project, there is a very strong theme of people wishing to see walking, and particularly cycling, given greater attention in urban transport planning, in recognition of the perceived health and environmental benefits, but also for the social benefits that accrue."

...So what's the problem?

For the Sandy Bay Walking and Cycling Project (the biggest project on the table at the moment) the Council appears to be stuck on the objections of a small number Sandy Bay Road residents ... and there are some legitimate concerns to be addressed. 

But resolving conflicting interests is core business for Council and it should not take forever.

...Surely there is a way through this?

Alderman Freeman is Chair, Sandy Bay Cycling and Walking Project. He wrote in October 2012,

"Make no mistake, the Council will act on what the community wants, subject to safety concerns, and the design stage will be finalised quickly from here."4

Time's up.

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