• Bicycle Tasmania organises a range of social, non-competitive rides.

    • Bicycle Tasmania often has a social ride on the last Sunday of every month.
    • The rides are non-competitive but vary in difficulty from month to month.
    • Distances of course also vary from month to month, but are generally in the range of 30km to 80km.

    • There is often a more family orientated social ride on the mid Sunday of every month.

    • There is generally an Easter weekend family ride. The past couple of years this has been based at Deloraine and Longford.

    • You will need to contact the coordinator listed on the Calendar for a particular social ride if you intend coming along, as it may be cancelled if there are insufficient numbers.
    • Note:  Bicycle Tasmania insurance covers members only on social rides. This means: 
      Current BT financial members are covered by their membership insurance while on a BT 
      ride.  This provides cover against personal accident of the rider, and also against damage/injury caused to a 3rd 
      party while the member is riding a bike.   Other participants in the ride will be 
      covered by their own health and accident cover - so check what you have!
    • There is a $5 ride fee for non-BT members to cover administrative costs.
    • Other Tasmanian cycling organisations can post their events directly to the combined calendar.
    • Bicycle Tasmania has links, and can put you in touch, with other organisations that run rides, for example:
      • Audax Australia - longer distance endurance rides
      • Salamanca Cycling Touring Group
      • North West Bay Cycling Group
      • Southern Vets (Huon district)
      • Hobart Wheelers
      • Bottles And Chains