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To and from Tullamarine (Melbourne) Airport by bike

This describes how to get from the Tullamarine terminals to Moonee Ponds trail which then leads all the way to the Melbourne CBD and the peri-CBD Capital City Trail. An alternate route involving roads is described at  Bicycle Network - To and From Melbourne Airport

1. Out the terminal building door and turn left
2. Turn left at the first intersection (lights) and go straight ahead (east) under the freeway (ie don't take the immediate left branch which goes to Sunbury
3. First turn right onto Marker Rd, past the fuel depot
4. Rough road come ot locked gate. Go through the opening just big enough for a bike (but probably need to remove panniers to do it)
5. Track swings east and goes under the landing marker gantries
6. Branch to right (can't go straight ahead anyway). Keep going straight ahead at next track intersection.
7. Near lake, go through tunnel under road. Soon have to negotiate tight bike gate. Then down the hill.
8. Through last bike gate and onto the Moonee Ponds creek trail


9. As usual, when in doubt go downstream. Remember this turn on the way back.
10. Best to go to north of this sports complex (ie follow creek)
11. Under bridge and keep south side of creek for now

From there, just follow the Moonee Ponds Trail, documented elsewhere.
Jeff Dunn  April 2013