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Big Channel Ride 2012 - Rider's Comments

World-class scenic road cycling on the Tinderbox peninsula, the Huon valley and The Channel (the coast of the D’entrecasteaux Channel).

How did you go? Any suggestions for improving the event? 

Went well, although was more challenging with hills than initially thought on the 106km course.
How do you rate the ride Overall (1 to 5)? : 4.7

Couldn't have been a better day for it with the weather.

Not this year - event very good - kiosk meal excellent 

Any ideas for future events?

It would be nice to be able to do a ride of about this length (80km's) but in a flatter terrain area.

Maybe Bicycle Tasmania and Southern Tasmanian Veteran Cycling Club should look more at sportifs together?

A cycling festival near the bike track - on the regatta grounds? With cycling displays, clubs showing where & when they regularly ride, cycle shops with bikes to try & sell. Basic skills training for children, families, cycle commuting, cycle touring etc. Children's slalom competition. A couple of programmed short rides during the day. Food on sale. Prizes for most interesting/ oldest/ heaviest bikes etc.

Perhaps a masseur would be a good idea for those with tight and cramping muscles at the end of such a testing ride.

I love any organised rides you re very cheap and you look after us really well thankyou

Tasman Peninsular loop starting in Dunalley,Eagle Hawk Neck,Saltwater River,Port Arthur, EHN,Dunalley. Roughly 95km.

Nothing really - just keep it going!
(they deserve positive feedback). 

The event was great.  I was sick though. Mid distance event a welcome addition (not that I did it - I went for full distance).

A proper signage/road markings. Signs are too small.

No suggestions here, it was great! Wish I'd put more sunscreen on though! Actually a bit more shade at the cafe/kiosk would of been great, but that's being really p
icky. Great day well done, thoroughly enjoyed it!

"The signage directing riders to turn left off Nichols Rivulet road onto the highway was not visible therefore I found I had to consult the map to work out where I was supposed to go. I found the correct route only by following the signage for normal road traffic.

Therefore I feel that larger signage would be good.

The food voucher at the end was great!!

Awesome ride. Great organisation (appreciated the fruit cake..), awesome route and perfect weather. Pretty much as good as it gets..

I guess a BBQ would be pretty cool at the end (although I appreciated the kiosk voucher..). Although I guess it's nice to support the local business.

This was my first ride and I was very pleased with how I went. As a newbie I had no idea what to expect or what I should be doing. It was very relaxed and easy for a first timer to come along and enjoy the event with no real pressures from anyone. Thank you for putting on an event that made me feel comfortable doing my own thing.

Hi, there's nothing major that I would suggest to improve the event. The start was fine and the welcome home very warming. I only stopped at Gordon and the guy there was very friendly and welcoming.

I did notice that at the start and at Gordon there wasn't anywhere near the Rego desk or at the water station for the odd item of rubbish riders seem to accumulate - banana skins and wrappers mainly. So a few garbage bins would have been great.

The weather was great and only a couple of minor incidents with bogans - horn blowing and fingers out the window etc... A hard day in the office though none-the-less. Made more so by riding down from Town and riding home afterwards.

Yes, water containers definitely need a look at. Perhaps the water was ok but it certainly tasted awful - not a good thing for a bike ride.

Perhaps more details on the ride - eg length/difficulty of hills, difficulty of 77km ride v 100km ride. Not essential but useful.

Great day. Well organised. Sign posting was good. Excellent friendly volunteers on the feed stations. The plastic taste in the water was a bit off-putting but not a real problem. Loved the fruit cake. Missed the bananas. Enjoyed the hamburger  & drink at the end of the day.Some of the roads are a bit marginal for safety with narrow road and no shoulder in parts. Was overtaken on two blind corners but this is like riding almost every week wherever I go.

I honestly think it was very well handled. All your Staff were really friendly and helpful. The only negative comment I heard all day was about the water, which I personally didn't experience.

Well done...and see you again in Bike Week!

A few of us missed the Cygnet drinks station as it wasn't signed very well. Therefore, we missed the poor tasting water too! Otherwise, a good event and fantastic weather. Well done.

It was a really good event, and catered for all abilities.  The traffic between Oyster Cove and Margate was quite difficult, and we needed to be cognizant of that.  I don't know what could be done to improve the situation, just sensible awareness I think.
106km enjoyable and challenging (especially the last few hills!).  Perfect weather of course helped.  

Thanks for the organisation, it was a thoroughly enjoyable ride, great course.
Fantastic ride.  Excellent course topped off with beautiful weather.

"The food vouchersat the conclusion was much appreciated.The 2nd food and water stop at Gordon could possibly include a coca cola drink as an option to the much appreciated water.

Small qibble; the water at cygnet tasted a little unpleasant...may have been the plastic containers? then again may have been me!

Beautiful ride and weather, thanks to all the volunteers, will do again next year. 
Great day. Doesn't really need improving. 150 starters is great but it would be good to encourage even more riders to participate.

Fantastic. Have that weather every year.

Have a council ute do a sweep of the course in the morning to clean up the roadkill. Even doing it the day before would reduce the amount a lot.

No problems. A very casual approach which is appreciated. Really doo value for money and thanks to all the volunteers for their contribution

I enjoyed this ride for the third time. 
There was a bit of a problem with traffic getting annoyed on the hill out of Oyster cove, probably due to lack of verge on road. Maybe a cyclists ahead sign just there would be a good idea to warn impatiant motorists that they might have to slow down a bit. It felt a bit dangerous. 

Your direction signs could be a touch larger. They are a bit hard to pick out, especially in the wet last year.

Other than that, friendly marshals and the food stops were good."

"I went well, a bit slower than last year.
Have a pit stop at the top of Vinces Saddle"

Thanks for your comments ...  look forward to seeing you on our next ride!