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Century and Half Century Ride (2012)

History of the Century Ride
From a letter from Woodbridge historian and cyclist Ken White:

With Rowan Burns as bicycle coordinator for the five Councils boarding on the Derwent I was the organizer of the first Century Ride that tied in with The Century of Federation 2001,  The Australian mint, Canberra, gave us all a metal memento of the event.  I would have to look it up but we had something like 100 to 120 riders.  In 2001 we were knocked out by this support.  We had to get more mementos.

The route I planned in 2001 was just as flat one can get in this region.  In this instance, and at that time, it was a huge commitment to ride 100ks for about 90% of those riding that day.

The route was Salamanca to Richmond then Tea Tree to past Pontville and return via Brighton and the InterCity Bike Track.

Each rider was greeted on their return and the looks on their faces was our payment.  The greeting at the end of the ride is very important and as this happened on the recent BT ride it went a long way to its success.
The memento did no come with a keyboard:-) Along the top of the memento are the words, "The links in the chain."  In many parts of Australia century celebrations were enacted – hence another link in the chain of events.

2012 Feedback: How did it go?  Any suggestions for improving the event?

It was my first event and found it to be be very well organised. I enjoyed the experience and will certainly participate in future rides.
How do you rate the ride Overall (1 to 5)? : 4.6

The event was great.  I was sick though.
Enjoyed ride, information regarding start times not clear...

"Weather perfect, beautiful still autumn d
ay, what could be better? 
Not having joined in on an organised ride before I enjoyed it very much. I did, however, have no idea how long it would take. Nor that there would be a water and cake stop on the way. Some indication as to time (even though I know this varies greatly) to complete the ride would be handy in the pre-ride information. I went over prepared for a much longer day in the saddle. "

This is a great ride and I really like the course. The only area for improvement I can see is perhaps the use of a lead vehicle. At the head of the 100 km ride there is usually a large group of 20-40 riders that does not thin out very much until Back Tea Tree road or going over Grass Tree Hill. If other road users were aware that this is a special BT ride, or at least an organised ride, then they might be a little more accommodating about being stuck behind a large group.

"Enjoyed the new century course,except the cambridge to Malcolms hut rd
some very impatient drivers about!!"

Good ride, however felt a bit short changed with the 50km ride being less than 50

Good to see lots of people out enjoying themselves. Well organised and great fun.

It was a great day out on the bike.  Richmond fair made the traffic pretty heavy at times but I don't know if I would want the ride route changed

Excellent. Enough signs, good course, great weather. Tough enough course for me to know I had worked hard.

"Overall it was a very good ride. Course was very good , and marshalling was good for the first 2 thirds of ride (till Grasstree hill road). Was a bit confusing on the way back through Geilston bay/Rosny point , for people not familiar with the area. Thanks for organising , very happy with the day on the whole."

I really enjoyed the ride, thank you to all those involved in organising the event.

great, my first ride, really enjoyed it, I'll be back!

Generally well organised and a beautiful day for it - only downside was the lack of signs supporting the route through Gielston Bay.  

I thought it went very well, it was fun and a good way to publisise cycling.

All good

I rode the half century ride.  The drink stop was in a good position, plenty of climbs although the distance was only 42 ks.

"Loved it.
More signs would be good.  Big ones at significant intersections were good.  Smaller and more frequent indicators (even just a balloon every few km) to reassure me on unfamiliar roads would be wonderful.  Indicators should be more frequent when there are many intersections - eg the section from East Derwent Highway to Kangraroo Bay."

our group had  a good day.   Probably the route back through geilston bay is a bit average, but it's safe so that's a bonus.  

"I had a ball, thank you.
Not being from Hobart though, I did find navigation to be problematic, and offer the following suggestions:
  1. Make a Google maps image of the route, available months in advance. The schematic that was available early on was very helpful for a non-local, and the Google map that I eventually stumbled across closer to the event, didn't show the half century route.
  2. Larger, brighter directional signs, and much more of them. High vis A3 coreflute signs are quite affordable and could be used year after year.
It would have been nice to have finished with a sausage sizzle or something similar, to wind down and meet others.

Went well, partricularly the split start, a lot of similar 50k riders at 11.00 am

"Very well, I enjoyed the opportunity to ride on roads I would normally feel apprehensive about tackling.  Having a bunch of riders made it feel safer and more collegial.
I understand it is difficult, but it would be great if Tas Police could be convinced to at least close Grasstree Hill Rd. for a few hours, it would improve the enjoyment of that section immensely!  After all they close roads for Tugga Tasmania, why not a bicycle event?"

Any ideas for future events?

More mountain biking events. There are apparently a lot of lesser known trails around (the Tip Top Trail is one I've heard of), and I'd love to know where they are!  Or just a group ride from the Domain to the North-South Track and back would be fine. 

More information provided on details of ride.

have more!

when you say 50 make it 50

Different routes in different years.  

More rides like this would be great, maybe bimonthly century and half century rides. 

It would be great to have a regular event to train for and look forward to every month or so.

In previous years there has been some after-ride refreshments provided and that's been seen as a good thing - people hang about and chat afterwards.  As it was, there was nothing at the finish so we rode back over to town and went for coffee but that limits the broader socialising

Would appreciate the opportunity for a post ride coffee, would any of the mobile vans be interested for a few hours ?

"Be good to have more of an opportunity to chat to the other cyclists off the bike. Perhaps a BBQ at the end or something along those lines?

Regatta Ground to Bidgewater down East Derwent Hwy over Bowen Bridge through Goodwood to Derwent Park Rd, Down Brooker to Risdon Road, along Queens walk to bike track, then onto RegattaGround
River Derwent Loop

Hobart to New Norfolk one side then cross and down other.

I like the sound of the ride down the channel planned for November. 

"If the same route is to be maintained, as above, suggest that the 50km event go into Richmond town so that the event actually is closer to 50km, rather than 40km.

My preference would be for a different route though, as didnt really enjoy coming back through the Clarence foreshore trail.  I understand previous events have started on Western shore, gone over the Tasman bridge, and come back along Bowen Bridge and the Bike Track, which sounds better."

Have another one  soon !

Something at the finish to keep riders about for a while perhaps so some social interaction/meeting of new riders can happen. My wife and I are keen riders but find it hard to meet likewise riders just by riding the streets. There doesn't seem to be many posts on social rides or group rides unless you are a club member ...   Participation and the get together after is most important along with meeting other riders.  We need to make sure everybody is well behaved because the public perception of riders is terrible. This needs to be remedied.

A b-b-q to finish (on a good day!) would be good - either by charging or incorporating that into the registration fee.  People rode and went - so socialising was limited to chats during the ride. 

"More options at food stops eg bannanas (they are cheap again now) Watermelon (very cheap)

Bring back the picnic boxes or bbq at the end of the ride."

Maybe a imperial century? 

"Charge $25 or $30 to cover the purchase of the electrolyte powder.
Rotary rides charge $35:00 entry. This covers entry as well as a lunch pack at the conclusion of the ride. eg. sandwich, fruit and a fruit drink.Just an idea!"

"A little better signage perhaps, especially over the section from East Derwent Highway to Kangaroo Bay - I appreciate the route was altered at the last minute and this may have been difficult to organise -so locking in the route earlier would be good!
More food at end

Where was the media to record the numbers involved?"