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Tour de Femme 2012

 It's an exclusive girls day out, especially for women and girls who haven’t done much riding before. It’s an easy, flat loop course from Cambridge to Seven Mile Beach and back.

How did you go?  Any suggestions for improving the event?

"Really well thanks -I really enjoyed it. I wasn't expecting that you would provide lunch, but that was delicious and much appreciated. I was a little unsure about
how to ride around roundabouts when going to the right, but Caroline (another rider) took care of me and showed me. You may have discussed that in your briefing, but if not, then it would be good to cover that for people who fall a bit behind. 

"It was great and i really enjoyed it!  Good route - not too hard and good signage all the way.
I thought it would have been nice to mention to the assembled gathering before we left, why the
event was instigated - in memory of the lady who was killed?
Fabulous lunch and yummy fruit - maybe Southern Water could have supplied the trolley they have at the Taste with free water afterwards.Thanks to the Committee for a very enjoyable day!"

"Much better than expected. I was looking forward (with some trepidation!) to riding in traffic with a group, as traffic has been my biggest worry! However as most of the group were well ahead, and there were only a couple of other riders around me, I felt it was a bit like being thrown in the deep end. However having negotiated the ride, and all those roundabouts, I now feel much more confident.
As a relative novice, I think I might have been quite fearful at times during the ride had I not done a course last year with Mary McParland. I refer particularly to negotiating roundabouts in busy traffic (I know it was suggested we get off and walk the bike, but circumstances at the roundabouts changed so quickly that it was too late to do so) Perhaps it could be considered that a more experienced rider remain back from the pack for guidance. I realise this would probably detract from the enjoyment for that rider, and perhaps is not ideal. However, although this ride was reasonably ""easy"", there were some challenging situations for novices who might not be expecting such situations in what was  advertised as an ""easy"" ride."

There wasn't enough signage to tell people where to go.

I went well thanks. I can't think of anything that would improve it. The lunch was great, it was well organised and I think the altered route was an improvement as well. Loved the reverse route! Not sure it was necessary to go past the turn off to Seven Mile Beach to cross road though. 
I really enjoyed it.  The weather was great and it was well organised and people were friendly."

"i went well thank you and Moira, my 12 year old daughter. i think we could have just turned right into 7 mile beach road from the tasman highway.  that would have been the same or easier than crossing the highway where the bike track crossed it. other wise it was a great ride.  "

"Great - nice weather, easy course and I met a few friends and talked to other participants - everyone was friendly. 
The course was well signposted and organised.  No suggestions for improvement - all was fine"

Went really well.  Maybe a few more marshalls on the way to assist at the roundabouts as well as a lot more advertising to get more girls out there.

I enjoyed the ride. It was nice to see so many like minded ladies enjoying the day out. 
Unfortunately I only went about 1km and then I got a puncture and had to walk back to the Hall.  I'm wondering what would have happened if I was 10km into the ride.  Would somebody have come to pick me up or would I have been stranded?  I think something should be mentioned at the briefing about that.

"I enjoyed it very much.  While I understand Richard and Andrew were concerned about the volume of traffic when riders wanted to cross the highway, ir seemed to be OK to me - but some other riders might not have been so complaisant.  I preferred the direction the route took at the beginning to the pervious ones I have taken part in - better to come home, spread out, across the overpass of the highway than to go the other way in a big group at the beginning of the ride.

I think this is the place to thank Ambrose, Austin, Richard, Andrew and Heather for their work in organising and supervising the ride.  The low-confidence, older riders I spoke to really appreciated this and the bike maintenance that was provided.

 People enjoy the opportunity to chat over sandwiches, but I suspect that if each rider only had two sandwiches instead of three or four, we'd all be perfectly satisfied.

And people appeared to appreciate the opportunity to look at the Chicks in Knicks stall and Ahmet's electric bikes.  And Ken Self's sponsorship was much appreciated."

Any ideas for future events?

"Electric bikes were good - maybe a few more displays, publicity in bolder promo.
Perhaps graded - some of the younger ones may have benefited for a longer ride - just right for the oldies though!"

Perhaps a longer / tougher ride for those who are up to it could leave a little earlier than the main group so everyone finishes at roughly the same time."

Advertise a prize for the oldest registered rider - to encourage more older ladies to come out on their bikes. I brought my 73 year old mother along and she enjoyed the event as well.

The route was good but I think it would be better to turn off the main road at the first junction to 7 Mile Beach instead of staying on the main road to Pittwater, as a number of us did. 
i am disappointed that there isn't a 25km family ride option on the century ride day
More Women's rides on regular basis 

I would be interested in more social/family rides like this. I have a hybrid bike so am unable to keep up with the faster roadbikes so if you know of groups that may suit my abilities I would love to know about them.

More easy rides for beginners.

Thanks for your comments ...  look forward to seeing you on our next ride!