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Big Channel Ride 2011

Your Comments on the 2011 Ride...

Really enjoyed the ride. well supported. thank you. The only improvement i can suggest is an earlier start - with a family, i like to start by 7.00 so i can have a good ride and still have plenty of time with the family
I had a great day, thanks for the organisation and time that was put in to make it a great event. I will try the channel event next time.

Hi, Was a great ride yesterday, have done all the bits of that ride but never all together. Amazing scenery,challenging climbs and predictable descents. 

Congratulations on organising a great event. No real recommendations except maybe it would be good to see more riders . Better advertising? That is a better ride than the Hobart century ride but only had a quarter of the riders.Good choice of start location.
It was a good ride day. Quite a test for the weekend warrior like me but got there with a sense of achievement. Thanks

Apart from the rain, it was a great day, next year 
 I think you need to supply sun screen, a drink station at the top of Vinces Saddle
"Lovely ride apart from the rain!

I was wondering why everyone had to start at 8am? In future, why can't people just rock up when they want to do a Sunday ride? The direction signs were taken down soon after the start so that means you can't really ride at any speed and stop as often as you want.

great ride. well organised. has everything. good coffee as well!!!

Great ride Sunday. Rain from Huonville to Charlotte Cove. Was going well despite being soaked to the skin. Got a puncture at Ninepin Point and then discovered how cold I actually was from the
descent from Randells Bay hill. Fingers were so frozen that I couldn't feel a thing. Took the best part of an hour to change a tube, and then needed the help of 2 guys that stopped. Thanks guys. Got some good air pressure thanks to the guy at Gordon drink stop who provided a foot pump. Was a struggle for the rest of ride. Should have stopped for a hot drink but brain wasn't working too well lol.  Will do it again next year. Thanks for a well organised event.

I thought the organisation was great. 

"Very happy.I only heard about it on the previous Friday, from The Kingborough Cronical.
Perhaps some better marketing?"

"Really enjoyed the ride. Well organised and very social riding.  The rain was nothing more than annoying, however it ended fairly quickly and ended up being not too bad.  

"Excellent - apart from some inclement weather (and you don't have control over that!!).

I suggest that more of the big yellow Cyclist ahead signs would be appropriate - with particular emphasis putting them at the beginning of the big hills - this would help motorists anticipate better.  The large gap between signs yesterday tended to lull motorists into a false sense of security (not that we actually had any problems).

Finally, for those who are still building stamina, an option of a 68km (ie, 106km-38km) ride would be good - this would see those doing this shorter ride turning left at the Oyster Cove road just out of Cygnet."

We got washed out on the Huon hway...we made the call to quit, which wasn't taken lightly, but could tell how long the rain was going to last. Was feeling very vunerable on the downhill ride into Huonville with some traffic almost shaving me in the very wet conditions.

"It went very well, despite the rain. need to have that yummy fruit cake on the second rest stop at gordon"

"It was a good event, however a larger presence with marshals would have be nice. The aid stations could appear to be more equipped. We didn't stop at them on the way past but it didn't look like there was much there and they also didn't appear to be well sign posted. For a $25 entry fee apart from the $8 voucher at the kiosk it didn't really appear to have much in support (however I would do it again and would also recommend others to do it too).

For marshals  people with signs and safety vests at certain intersections would assist in safety and control. It would also be reinforcement for drivers to be courteous.  "

It was a great ride. I had fun. I was surprised more people didn't attend. Great organisation at the end with food vouchers at the kiosk.

All good - maybe a check in system at the end to ensure all riders make it back.
"Very good.

I liked the online registration running right up to the evening before and the pay on the day system. Much less fuss than closing registration early and using online payment.

I liked the food voucher.

I liked NOT getting a bag of advertising material.

Good low-key organisation, briefing was good and at a good time, and the ride started on time. If you could have just stopped it raining it would have been perfect.

PS. I rode the 105 km circuit."

We came over from Melbourne to ride with my wife's sister. Both my wife and I really enjoyed the ride and route. Thought the positioning of the stops at 45km and 75km was good and I was a big fan of the fruit cake at Cygnet :). The voucher for the Kiosk at the end was well appreciated. It was good to sit down at the end and have the opportunity for a quick bite to eat whilst discussing the ins and out of the ride. Thank you to all the volunteers as well. You are the unsung heroes!! We hope to come back and participate in the Channel Ride again. Thanks again.

"Would have been nice to have a sign in huonville at the turn to cygnet...if I had not have been with other riders I may have missed it!

Also, having some water at the rest stations (other than in the toilet sink) would have been nice...
Otherwise an excellent, if painful, ride"

"Good course.  Great organisers and fellow riders, I'm amazed my missing light was found
my thanks to whoever turned it in.
For fair weather recreational riders like me, these events are always better in sunshine.
But thats Spring weather, expect anything. 

Austin Greenwood,
Oct 24, 2011, 8:11 PM
Austin Greenwood,
Nov 2, 2011, 10:15 PM