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Best Hobart to Airport Route

Things are not so easy for bike riders wanting to find their way through the northern side of the Tasman bridge heading toward the airport and further. Matthew from Midway writes,

"When you ride from Hobart, over the Tasman Bridge & you want to head out towards the airport on the Tasman Hwy you either need to walk your bike over 2 sets of double lanes or take a very 'out of the way' route over the Rose Bay High overpass & go along a walking track past the City View Motel (not a route for road bikes) OR go up past Clarence Pool & head into Rosny Park, Bligh Street & risk your life at the Mornington Roundabout to get back onto Tasman Hwy."
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If you have any suggestions on the best route or how to improve this situation please use the Comments - Suggestions page or email me at I'll collate and post the responses on this page.

Directions from Tassie Trails

posted Aug 11, 2011, 2:47 PM by Austin

John Dawson has a detailed description on his website here,

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