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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you recommend someone to conduct Cycling Safety classes at our school?
Keith Price, of Safer Roads for Cycling, and Malcolm Cowen , of Tamar Bicycle Users Group. Keith recently helped organise the "Bike Ed" training of 15 people in Burnie, under the auspices of the Tasmanian Bicycle Council (to which all our groups belong.)

Winter visablity - do you know of any suppliers of reflective material?
Sourcing reflective materials for my reflectors has mostly been through Protector Alsafe (97 Charles St Moonah 62737133), Eurosigns (45 Derwent Pk Rd Moonah 62728048) or you could also try Eyespy (263 Kennedy Dve Cambridge 62485544), although I haven't dealt with them... Whilst these suppliers may not have exactly what you desire, they may have an alternative or be able to supply you with materials suitable for manafacturing your own design.

What are the road rules for cyclists in Tasmania
See this comprehensive description from  Cycling South.