Progress, May 2013

Progress with the Bicycle Tasmania collection at the Sustainable Living Tasmania Library

Some boxes of cycling books (some reasonably recently published, others historical gems) have been sitting quietly in my office in the last weeks, donated by a generous  BT member.  Many of them are about cycle touring, so if you’re planning a trip to Europe or to Asia, or just to the mainland (or even if you’re only an armchair cycle tourist!), call in and have a look at the collection.

Below are some of the titles that took a long time to catalogue – not because they were difficult to deal with, but because it was so hard to stop reading them and focus on my cataloguing!

Touring in Europe :

101 bike routes in Scotland (Harry Henniker)

Jersey cycles : exploring the island by bike (Arthur Lamy)

Cycling in South West Scotland

Two wheels over Catalonia : cycling the back roads of north-eastern Spain (Richard Guise)

Touring in Australia :

The casual cyclist’s guide : Melbourne : routes, rides, rants and raves about the city and the bike (Matthew Hurst & guests)

Ballarat scenic bike rides (City of Ballarat , Julia Thorn, John Barnes, and the Ballarat BUG)

And just general bike books, not necessarily touring

The bicycle book (Bella Bathurst)

On bicycles : 50 ways the new bike culture can change your life (edited by Amy Walker)

If you want to borrow a book, I’m usually there working on Thursday mornings; if I’m not there, Lissa or another staff member will show you where the BT collection is, and how to issue the books to yourself.

Patsy Jones   May 2013

The Bicycle Tasmania Collection at Sustainable Living Tasmania

As well as being involved with BikeTas, I do some work every now and then for the library at Sustainable Living Tasmania (SLT), on the first floor at 71 Murray Street, Hobart. 

You probably know that BikeTas owns a small but interesting collection of books about cycling, and you don’t have to be a member of SLT to access it.  It is great if you are an SLT member, of course – it helps the worthy cause of SLT and makes my life as volunteer librarian easier! 

But if you’re a member of BikeTas you can borrow books there  - just go along, select your book(s), and ask a staff member to point you in the direction of the folder where you write down your name, phone number, date of borrowing, and the barcode number of the book(s).  Then you ask the staff member to issue the book(s) to BikeTas’s membership number (#1357) and that’s it – the loan period is three weeks.  Each book or magazine in the BikeTas collection is identified with an orange sticker on the spine, as well as its unique barcode.

SLT staff have undergone a lot of upheaval in the last six months, and it’s still going on.  The actual library has moved to the back of the building with shelves tucked under and beside the beautiful old staircase.  The images here show the overall SLT collection under and above the stairs, and the actual BikeTas collection tucked in under the lowest part of the stairs (not a wonderful photo, but you can see the orange stickers!).

So I thought it was time to remind you all about this growing collection of books and magazines – BikeTas buys new titles that we think are of use and/or interest to members, and there are some generous people who volunteer pre-loved books about cycling as well.

You can access the library from home. To see what we have, go to  , select Library in the Resources tab, and click the link to search the library catalogue. When you choose Advanced Search and select Bicycle Tasmania from Branch field, your computer will beaver away for a few minutes and provide the list of Bicycle Tasmania titles.

There are several people who are regular borrowers of items in this collection, but we’d like more.  And we’d also like suggestions as to good items to be acquired for the collection, so if you have any ideas…..

And while I think of it – I noticed the other day that the books below were borrowed some time ago and have not yet been returned – if they ring any bells for you, please let’s have them  back!

Cycle touring in France : eight selected cycle tours - barcode number 570837286

Rail trails of Victoria and South Australia – barcode number 570839423
Great Australian bike rides
– barcode number 572624807
Full tilt : Ireland to India with a bicycle
– barcode 570837914

Patsy Jones                   1 Feb 2013