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Rodgerbiltit Revolutionary Reflectors

  • What: An active, dynamic responsive revealing resplendent racy radiant rotational rhythmically revolving reflector.
  • Why: Reduced risk of a rump rammer whether riding responsibly or Russian roulette on the road - due to raised recognition.
  • When: Bicycle road riding and commuting. All the time - day or night.
  • Where: Able to be attached in various positions to provide maximum visibility. Ideally suited for the bicycle commuter commonly carrying one pannier on a rear rack. When attached outboard of the pannier they are particularly visible in daylight and to a vehicle's lights on low beam.
  • Who: Every mere mortal bicycle rider wishing to be seen by other road users.

Roget’s Reserve R's: rotating, restless, rousing, rotative, rotatory, rearward, rearmost, run in, run down, run over, run into, rueful, rig, rig-out.

Wholly Handcrafted In Australia From Local and Imported Ingredients.

Arrrgh! © A Rodgered Rambling R's production!


I reside in the best bicycle tourists haven in the world - Tasmania!

A fellow (well travelled, international), bicycle tourist pointed out that "Daryl" and I looked beautifully colour co-ordinated and very well equipped when on tour, but were very difficult to see from the rear -despite the bold lycra!

Therefore I needed to increase visibility including a flag standoff out-the-side. bandolier and all "other" possibilities for my next tour and when on my regular commute to and from work.

Having seen bandoliers and flags/reflectors mounted as standoffs out-the-side manufactured by bicycle clothing/accessory companies and thinking - "I can do better for less" I set out to do just that and by using dual colours of reflective tape sewn to a swivel and mounted on a fishing rod end created this product -spectacular1 I then proceeded to hang/attach in all possible places on my panniers and bike.

Constructed utilising the principles of the "Bullroarer" as used by Australia's original inhabitants but having been around for a whole lot longer.

"Bullroarer* have accompanied the didgeridoos in initiation ceremonies and in burials to ward off evil spirits, bad tidings, and even women and children "

"It dates back to the Paleolithic period ,.. dating from 1700 B.C."


Dual colours and reflective materials mean that visibility is enhanced in all levels of daylight, also making it highly visible at night.

Constantly active and dynamic regardless of wind velocity or direction as well as staying in a near-vertical position means that it is more likely to attract attention, even when stationary in traffic (most "standoff" or "out-the-side flags/reflectors" are rigidly fixed and therefore whilst riding the flag becomes parallel with the wind reducing visibility, or rigid reflectors provide reduced dimensional activity).

Positioning to attain maximum freedom of airflow increases the reactivity and revolvement of the reflector.

Durable - manufactured to withstand the rigours of regular riding.

Sizes - 3 to 5 "Diamond" lengths - suitable for multiple mounting situations. Having made and tested 2 "Diamonds" -I found them to be not as active/dynamic and requiring more wind. I have made and tested 6 & 7 "Diamonds" - too long!


Well really, there are none! Unless you begrudge the small weight or wind drag, in which case you are not in the market for this product and what it can achieve towards making you visible.

"Tipping" of the spokes can occasionally be heard, usually on a pannier that is not full (therefore not fully expanded laterally), although rarely getting caught. This can be remedied by repositioning on the pannier or repacking the pannier to expand laterally or use of a shorter reflector if still concerned.

It may be "uncool" or "dorkish" but my mortality implores - "Be seen and stay alive to ride another day!"

Here is a YouTube movie of the rotating reflector and how it can be attached to pannier or on a pole sticking out the side of the bike.

Here is a photo of the swivel arrangement so the reflector rotates.

Here is a photo of the connecting pole to seat stays.

Contact Rodger Willows 0427278640 for further details.