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Contra Flow Bike Lane on Degraves Street?

posted Apr 12, 2012, 12:01 PM by Austin Greenwood   [ updated Apr 14, 2012, 12:24 PM ]

Bicycle Tasmania has been aware of this HCC proposal for several years. It had been discussed at an HCC Bicycle Committee meeting probably back in 2009 and the committee members did an inspection ride of this area and others along the Rivulet Track at that time.

 The HCC Hobart Rivulet Park Strategic Master Plan includes this feature. This plan was finally adopted by the HCC in September 2011 after a period of review and comment within the Council and from the public. If you have internet connection then click here  Rivulet Master PlanConcept plan 5 and associated text describes the proposal. You could probably get a printed copy from the Council.

As Degraves Street is one way towards the City this contraflow bike lane was seen as a way to get bikes up the Street. It is currently one lane towards the City with parking on both sides, but it is a wide lane which encourages faster driving and varying vehicle locations within the lane. Narrowing the vehicle lane is seen as an important traffic calming exercise. Its implementation has been delayed due to activities in and around the Female Factory.

We have never had reason to question the concept. It is important to be able to extend the Rivulet Track up to Cascade Gardens. Cyclists at the moment simply illegally ride the wrong way up Degraves Street. This development maintains all car parking, it just narrows the currently wide single vehicle lane and converts the recovered space into a contraflow bike lane on the rivulet side. The contraflow bike lane is proposed and necessary here to allow two-way bike traffic on this otherwise one-way street, and also it is a really easy fit because of more than ample road width and low traffic volume. Even now we are forced to ride against the traffic and drivers are not phased. We think it is a very easy and right solution in this particular case of  one-way street where a separate bike lane on each side is not such a good solution.