Hans Willink

As a native of Holland I am fully appreciative of cycle routes as part an integrated transport infrastructure and am supportive the vision espoused by the Lord Mayor of London within a Tasmanian context.

I support measures to encourage Tasmanians to take up active transport, including supportive infrastructure such as secure bike racks in the CBD and government workplaces. (they're everywhere in holland)

I support public education in support of active transport and behaviour change programs (such as bike ed courses); I support public awareness campaigns in support of active transport and of high risk issues such as "look back before you open your car door" after parking.

It is easy to "talk the talk" wrt the role of bike infrastructure in encouraging more people to ride but I do have some runs on the board with "walking the walk" on the Eastern Shore. I have been an activist in the Acton Park and Lauderdale area for improved cycle and footpaths for children in the area, including initiating a 300 signature petition to Clarence Council which ultimately led to improved path and cycle infrastructure along dangerous Acton Road and between Lauderdale Primary School and Roches Beach. Apart from the sandy bay walking and cycling project I believe there is considerable scope for further cycle friendly development, including bikepaths connecting light traffic back roads. I believe the road over bonnet hill from the Kingston golf course to the shot tower has dangerous soft shoulders which require hardening.

I fully support the sandy bay walking and cycling project, including improved cycling infrastructure proposed for Sandy Bay Rivulet to Casino (via Marieville Esplanade), Casino to Maning Avenue, Maning Avenue to Long Point Road, St Stephens Church,Sandy Bay Infant School, Long Point Road to Wayne Avenue and Wayne Avenue to Cartwright Reserve.