Helen Richardson (Division of Nelson)

Thanks so much for the opportunity to share with Bicycle Tasmania my views and position on cycling and infrastructure in Tasmania.

Just to give you a little background, during weekends and annual leave I assist my partner who operates Hobart Bike Hire. We mostly hire bikes to tourists and the most commonly asked question is “where are the cycle tracks?” We recommend the Inter-city bicycle track but so wish that we could suggest alternative rides to experience our magnificent city.

Demographically Tasmania, with its aging population, has many residents who would benefit from regular exercise and I am passionate that we should have easily accessible infrastructure that allow people to safely pursue an exercise regime. I also believe we must address all possible ways of encouraging the community to embrace more sustainable transport, and bicycling is certainly one of the paths towards that end. 

Personally, my preferred fitness regime is’ pounding the pavement’ as I’m not confident enough to take on the Hobart traffic on a bike so it means that I have to find an hour each day to walk. I think I could be persuaded to ride to work if I felt safe. 

I strongly support the Sandy Bay Walking and Cycling Project and a logical network of interconnected bike lanes in the greater Hobart area.

In terms of education and bike courses, because the season for renting bicycles in Tasmania is limited we are always thinking of business opportunities. We are putting together information for schools suggesting that a great activity for students would be hiring bicycles from Hobart Bike Hire. I was buoyed by the innovation of the trail of bike racks on buses and hope that they are installed permanently soon.

Walking, riding and other means of active transport are important for residents of Nelson. I support the completion of a bicycle network in Hobart and the early implementation of the Sandy Bay Road Walking and Cycling Project.

I will work to ensure you have a full-time voice in the Legislative Council.