Jim Wilkinson (Division of Nelson)

I am strong supporter of physical fitness and belive that active transport is an ideal way to assit with phyiscal fitness and therefore the general health and well being of the community.

Bike ed courses are ideal to upskill children and adults. I particpated in an Adult Ed course some years ago. There is always a need for public education courses, extolling the vertues of healthy means of transport.

More people would ride bikes if they belived it was safe to do so. All new developments should encompass a bike track separate to the road way. This has been successfully done in a number of states.

It is important to encourage a safe walking and cycling project in Sandy Bay and all areas in Nelson. The problem area as you would be aware is the area between Marieville Esplande and Lower Sandy Bay shopping centre. I understand that more work is being done on this and I await its outcome.