Tom Baxter (Division of Nelson)

Encourage active transport as a healthy and safe option

I will pursue funding for measures to encourage and proactively facilitate Tasmanians of all ages taking up active, healthy transport options – and make our streets safer for those who do so. My general bike vision for Hobart-Kingston is similar to that the Greens are pursuing in Perth (plus some extra measures for our hills such as wider shoulders and pull in lanes!) – pls see details at:

Public education and skill development for children and adults

We need to promote public education and behavioural change programs (such as bike education courses) for children through schools and for adults. We need greater education for drivers to normalise bike riders as legitimate road users, equally deserving of courtesy and respect. For example, driver licence training and testing should include more about cyclists’ rights and how to share the road safely with them. Driver licence tests should include learner drivers crossing on-road treated bike lanes (eg Molle St, Campbell St or Argyle St). Some failures for crossing illegally (“You just killed a cyclist!”) should help instil bikes and bike-lane awareness in Learner Driver training.

Bike infrastructure to encourage more riding

To encourage more cycling we need better bike infrastructure along commuter routes (see below). For example, broader road shoulders to add cycling lanes and pull in lanes for cyclists (or slow drivers) heading uphill on routes such as Huon Road and the Channel Highway.

We also need secure, undercover bike racks in town, at work or at school The University’s bike storage facilities in Alexander Street between the Law Faculty and Staff Club are a great example, including solar powered charging for bike batteries!

Bike racks should be permanently installed on as many buses as possible, particularly those servicing routes which are popular with cyclists – or hilly!

The Sandy Bay Walking and Cycling Project, etc, to encourage active transport in Nelson

The Sandy Bay Walking and Cycling Project is a key element to facilitate an integrated active transport network in Nelson. We need to get design right, for the safety of bike riders and pedestrians, young and old.

We then need to get on and get it funded and implemented, to increase the confidence of everyone to ride along Sandy Bay Rd.

I will support the work and vision of Bike Tas, Greens local councillors, the Greens Minster for Sustainable Transport, and others in pursuing funding for the Sandy Bay Walking and Cycling Project. This should include separated bike lanes to make Sandy Bay Road safe for all levels of cyclists – and for pedestrians – including at key points such as Sandy Bay Infant School and Lipscombe Larder.

I’ll also pursue a Battery Point foreshore walkway and cycleway, similar to that along the Brisbane River.

And I’ll promote measures to make the Channel Highway safer for cyclists (eg broadening shoulders and proper line-marking).