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Sandy Bay Cycleway - don't let it slip away!

posted Sep 16, 2012, 3:57 AM by Jeff Dunn   [ updated Sep 17, 2012, 7:24 PM ]

In April the HCC endorsed the Sandy Bay Cycleway proposal, developed over 3 years of consultation and concept refinement. It directed a small group to progress design work for Stage 1 (Mariewille Esplanade). Instead the group seriously changed the concept for the conflicted Stage 3 (Manning Ave to Lower Sandy Bay shops) and slipped this through council.  

The original design would look like:

  • separators between motor vehicles and the cycleway and a kerb separating the cycleway from the footpath
  • Sightlines for accessing properties are improved by the lack of parking along the kerb.
  • A smooth surface uninterrupted by power poles, driveway crossovers and open doors of parked cars.

The amended proposal would look like:

  • insufficient separation between pedestrians and bike riders (each will stray into other’s space)
  • car doors are a hazard to cycleway users
  • sightlines for residents accessing their properties are diminished by the parked cars.
  • driveway crossings create ‘dips’ in the surface reducing rider comfort and safety
  • less confident bike riders already legally ride on the footpath along Sandy Bay Rd, the amended design isn’t offering much
  • a very small amount of on-street parking is recovered. Surveys show this is little used, often only by staff of local businesses. Properties nearly all have offstreet parking.

 We need council to:

  • get detailed design work done for the well supported and technically easy Stages 1, 4 and 5 (so they can proceed if Federal funding comes through)
  • throw out the amended proposal (which was passed using to vague pictorial “plans”, unsubstantiated claims, and nifty politics.)

What you can do:

  • sign the petition
  • join our ride in support of the original proposal, from Lower Sandy Bay shops at 7am on Ride-To-Work Day, 17th October. Watch for more details.