Bicycle Victoria

Bicycle Victoria is a huge, respected and effective bicycle advocacy organisation, and is the principal component of the Bicycle Network. Bicycle Tasmania has a service agreement with Bicycle Victoria to provide and administer our member services and provide Tasmania-based staff to encourage development of bicycling facilities throughout Tasmania.

This arrangement has many advantages for us:
  • provides efficient, professional services for our members
  • takes workload off our committee and volunteers, so they can direct their effort into running events and lobbying for a better deal for riders
  • gives Bicycle Tasmania direct access to the wide range of skills and experience within Bicycle Network.  
  • provides a part-time salaried Facilities Development Manager to liaise with community groups and all levels of government to seek increased investment in bicycling facilities.
Bicycle Tasmania members wishing to contact Bicycle Victoria should:
 phone:  8636 8888

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