CyclingSouth is unique in Australia. It plays an important role in the orderly development of infrastructure. In conjunction with other cycling groups, it continues to develop programs that encourage more people to enjoy riding their bikes. And it plays an advocacy role for cyclists at all levels of government.

The role of local government in the development of cycling facilities cannot be underestimated. The four Councils in the metropolitan area of Southern Tasmania (Hobart, Glenorchy, Kingston, Clarence) are all progressing projects that will serve their local communities as well as visitors to their regions.

CyclingSouth is located at the Glenorchy Swimming Pool Complex, Anfield St, Glenorchy. The building is separate from the Glenorchy Pool entrance and has a door facing onto the adjacent car park. There is an asphalt apron outside the door with two yellow posts indicating No Parking. CyclingSouth signage also indicates the entrance.

Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER)
The Tasmanian Government is seeking to improve opportunities for walking and cycling across a full range of trips - to work and school, for recreation, to the local shop or park. While not all trips are suited to these modes, the focus is on substituting our car trips where we can.